Crafting for a cause

In 2009 my First husband, Dave, passed away.  I was left me with a 3,4 and 7 year old.  To help them deal with their heartbreak we started making memory books of their Dad.  I was able to see how much making these books helped my Children process their emotions.  Over the years I have helped other grieving kids make books or projects for lost loved ones.  I have always wanted to turn this into a Non-profit so I could have many more kids.  Now that we have the workroom in our building, I am ready to start.  I just need to raise money to buy things for the group and to start the 501(c) non- profit paperwork.  The proceeds from this item will go towards getting us started.  If you would like to make a craft item or monetary donation to help us get started, please email us.  Thank you for your support.